We treat your recruitment funnel
like a marketing funnel

Leverage advanced candidate research and viral marketing to fill roles faster

How does ProShortlist work?

1. Understand the company

Working out what is unique and special about your company is critical. 80% of the reason why a candidate is a fit and wants to join your company will be based on this.

2. Understand the role

Titles mean nothing. We seek to understand what the candidate will be doing every day and what their long term objectives will be.

3. Build the profile

We build a highly detailed profile of the ideal candidate which is then broken down into hundreds of research projects so we can begin to build a longlist.

4. Collate and contact

Candidates identifed through the research phase are approached with highly tailored and individual pitches. Our response rate to cold pitches exceeds 60%.

5. Sell the role

It is a competitive market so we work hard to sell the candidate on all the interesting aspects of your role. We also write job ads that very often go viral.

6. Manage the process

We stick very closely to every candidate throughout the recruitment process. We flag and remove blockages that could stall or kill your chance of hiring the best candidates.

Recruitment is very, very broken.

Using the same messaging and recruitment process for every role no longer works. Potential candidates require a highly relevant and targeted pitch that can only be achieved by leveraging the deep research techniques provided by ProShortlist.

Executive Summary

Your candidates are unique so why are you sending all of them the same email?

We apply competitive intelligence and advanced marketing techniques to your talent pipeline.

For every candidate we collate hundreds of datapoints so we can calculate their fit for the role but more importantly pitch the role to them in an extremely compelling way.

Unfilled seats cost money

We frequently work on roles that are costing our clients $10k for every week they stay unfilled. Our wide and deep research process covers the market faster than any other company.

We integrate with your existing recruitment process

Rather than replace your current recruitment process we seek to augment and ramp it with significant manpower and our candidate identification technology.

What do our customers say?

We have filled the hardest roles in the industry for the most exacting clients.

ProShortlist is the only recruiter that we have ever successfully worked with. We have very tough hiring standards at Atlassian, and they havn't shied away from the task. I would highly recommend ProShortlist to anyone looking to hire technical talent.

Scott Farquhar - Founder @ Atlassian

ProShortlist have consistently helped me fill challenging specialist roles with top talent. They are creative and tenacious researchers, using techniques that would make a grass-roots marketing team proud. Several of their edgy job ads have gone viral. They are amazing communicators able to track down candidates from, say, the Bay Area and sell them on a role in Australia. They are unconventional, so be prepared.

Soren Harner - VP of Engineering @ Atlassian

ProShortlist recruited me for my position as Hosted Team Lead for Atlassian. They did not merely forward my CV, but took time to learn about me and my skillset, and only recommended positions where I was a match for the opening. They also showed incredible persistence and creativity in overcoming some fairly unique roadblocks in the interview/hiring process. I would not hold my position at Atlassian without ProShortlist's services.

Ted Tencza - Hosted Team Lead Atlassian

What's next?

We offer a free initial consultation to prospective clients so they can work out if our recruitment methods are appropriate for the roles they are seeking to fill.